The Student Support Package (SSP) is either paid towards the rent for Manchester Met Halls you may be residing in or credited to your bank account. Details of the Student Support Package and how and when payments are made are available on the website

All these conditions apply before we can assess your eligibility for, and pay the SSP:

•    You must be eligible for SSP
•    You are fully enrolled
•    You have consented to share your household income with Manchester Met when you applied for Student Finance
•    The SSP payment due date has passed
If all these conditions are met but you haven’t heard from us within a few weeks of your course starting, contact the Institutional Bursaries team and we will aim to respond within 5 working days.  
You will receive the full year 1 allocation of £750 in two stages on or around the dates below:
September start courses:
• £375 in term 1 – 27th October 2023 
• £375 in term 2 – 26th January 2024 

January start courses:
• £375 in term 1 – 12th February 2024 
• £375 in term 2 – 7th June 2024  

March start courses:
• £375 in term 1 – 19th April 2024 
• £375 in term 2 – 4th October 2024