Your fees will be shown during your enrolment and there is a way to indicate if you are receiving a student loan, making a payment, or are being supported by an employer/sponsor. Information on how to pay is available on our website.
If you are paying your own tuition fees, you can make payment in full or sign up to an instalment plan to pay your fees in instalments during online enrolment. Prior to enrolment you can make one-off payments through our secure online payment service Flywire: MMU Online Payments. You should only use our recommended payment methods to pay your fees. See our be fraud aware page for more details.
If you are a new international student who requires a UK Student Visa, you will need to pay a £5,000 deposit to secure your CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) which will be allocated towards your first year’s tuition fees. 
If you have any further questions regarding paying your fees in full, paying by instalments or the deposit you can contact the Collection and Recovery Team.